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How to Remap the Samsung Galaxy & Note Bixby Button

How to Remap the Samsung Galaxy & Note Bixby Button

Many Samsung users find that the Bixby is unnecessary. Google Assistant seamlessly provides all the functionality of Bixby. With that said, it’s a surprise that Samsung Galaxy and Note phones have a dedicated “Bixby” button. When you click on the Bixby button (located below the volume controls), the phone opens up the Bixby controls. Seems like a waste of a button. While you can’t entirely rid yourself of this nuisance, there is a simple trick for adding some use to this vestigial button.

Step 1: Find the Bixby Voice Settings option on the Bixby screen

Push the Bixby button once to open the Bixby screen and click on the three-dot colon on the center right to open the menu.

Step 2: Press Settings and then press the “Bixby key” Option

On the Bixby Voice setting screen on the Samsung Galaxy S10, this is the 7th option from the top. Click on the “Bixby key” option to continue.

Step 3: Customize your Bixby Key with single press or double press options.

While Samsung does not allow users to get rid of Bixby entirely, you can still add functionality to your Bixby key. First, choose whether you want Bixby to open with a single press or a double press. That leaves the alternative option open for customizing. In the screenshot below, we have kept Bixby on single press and customized the “double press” to open the camera. Now, when we double press the Bixby button, the phone opens the Camera feature. You can use the app to open social media, e-mail, or another oft used app.

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